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tape tape tape tape tape

Alec (Sociology '20), Beril (Architecture '20), Stacy (Architecture '20) developed the idea for tape, tape, tape, tape, tape as part of the 2019 Anderson School of Architecture's Archi-Arts mini-Charette. The theme of the charette was "circus," and participants were tasked with creating a low-cost interactive installation that responded to an original composition "Debussy Palimpsest" by Shepard School's Paul Novak — a musical vandalism of Claude Debussy’s Sonata for flute, viola, and harp.

tape, tape, tape, tape, tape, too is a palimpsest — the horizontal lines covering the room's existing walls, floors, and model stands to create a sort of palimpsest. Rice Dance Theater choreographed a dance for the space where they moved the model stands, creating a palimpsest of their own over our work. Gala attendees were invited into the space and for the duration of the gala, the attendees used the model stands as props, tables, and informal seating. There bodies became the final act of visual vandalism, becoming both performers and the audience.

With a grant of $500 from the Anderson School of Architecture, we installed tape, tape, tape, tape, tape over the course of 24 hours.