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show & tell

Show & Tell was a radio show where my best friend and I invited guests, friends & strangers, to share music that is meaningful to them. We started the show at the end of 2019 live on ktru (96.1FM).

Our last in person show took place on March 13, where we coincidentally interviewed the predecessors of our show, Lisa + Ant, who continued show & tell for two more seasons (2, 3).

We continued the show into the pandemic, recording over zoom and posting them online.

Show & Tell was an exploration of the roles that music plays in our lives, from Varun's first hip-hop album, to to Gray's "happy, sad, listen to garbage" songs.

One of my favorite episodes was the one with Cameron. Cameron and I co-hosted look for america on in Edinburgh. Alec and Cameron had never talked before, but we talked about our private mode listens, reoccuring dreams, and why everyone should listen to more Nora Jones.